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00 Family album cover title fill.png

​Hello and welcome! I’m Lucky Jim and this is my new album.

  1. Get your Lucky Jim’s Family Album Book

  2. Grab some coloured pencils or textas

  3. Find a bluetooth speaker or some headphones

  4. Open the page/song/picture you want

  5. Click on the same page/song below

  6. Play the song and start colouring in


Have fun colouring-in and listening to Lucky Jim’s Family Album!

Luck Jim's Family Album

You can DOWNLOAD all the songs off the album using your download code.


Find your unique code on a sticker on page 3 of the colouring book.

It will look something like this

00 arrow.png

​Go to

enter the code from your colouring book and click on the Redeem button.

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