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I’m Lucky Jim and this is my new album. It’s not a CD or a record or a cassette tape or just a colouring book, it’s actually 2 things in 1. It’s a collection of songs that you can listen to AND it’s a colouring book.

The original songs and tunes on this album were made during the Covid 19 lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. Remember that? Toilet paper shortages, homeschool, and you couldn’t visit your friends or family. Even though it was difficult it gave me a lot of time to write and make music.


I interviewed kids in my neighbourhood and asked them what kind of songs they would like me to write. With the help of Josie, Tanami, Josh, Liam and Banjo I wrote 5 new songs about subjects that interested them at the time (You’ll learn more about these 5 incredible kids as you listen to all the songs on the album).


Then I got my ‘Imaginary Friends,’ a great band to play and record them with me.

One of the tunes on the album, Lambs in the Springtime, is dedicated to my Dad, Alan Sharrock. The song Sandy Feet is dedicated to my Mum, Sandy Sharrock. And the song Pencil Lines is for my family at home – Annie, Lily and Callum. The tune Greek Detective is for my favourite dog of all time, Hannah.

I asked my friend, Ed Radclyffe, to draw a colouring in picture for every song and tune on the album. It means you can enjoy colouring as you listen to the music.



Only people with the QR code can find these secret pages. When you get to the page you want, you can listen to the song or the whole album, read the lyrics and print more colouring sheets, there is even a bonus colouring in page for one of the songs, and a poster to download.

To get the best sound make sure you use headphones, a Bluetooth speaker or run it through some nice big speakers (maybe you have some connected to your TV). It will sound much better than hearing it through the tiny speaker on a phone.

Have fun colouring-in and listening to Lucky Jim’s Family Album!

Lucky Jim

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