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This album was recorded by Craig Greening at the ANU School of Music and by Tony Hunter at The Home of Tone.

Additional recording by Matty Nightingale at Nightingale Studios and by Lucky Jim in The Yurt.

Music mixed by Matty Nightingale at Nightingale Studios

Music mastered by Kimmo Vennonen at KV Productions

Artwork created by Ed Radclyffe

Layout and Graphic Design by Gillian Cosgrove at gillography

Web design by Fiona Edge at


The Imaginary Friends

Dan Kempers – drums, percussion, backing vocals

Simon Milman – electric bass, upright bass

Ben Foster – keys

Matthew Lustri – electric guitars

Special Guests

Jenny Sawer, Craig Greening, Tony Hunter, The Scullin Gang (featuring Josie Freeman, Beau Brindley, Banjo Brindley, Liam Oakleigh, George Houen, and Edwin Goodrick), Valdis, Matthew Nightingale, Jacqui Bradley, Gillian Cosgrove, Sky Oakleigh, and Alison Oakleigh




Usually, people who read the thank you section of an album like this can be grouped into one of two categories.


The first group are people who have read everything else and are reading this section because they have arrived here by turning all the pages in order and are naturally curious and will want to read to the end so they don’t miss anything important. If you’re one of those people, I thank you. I used to do the same thing when I bought a new record. It’s people like you who read the album notes and know who the guitar player is on track 4, who follow links and subscribe to musical newsletters, who might listen to bands on Bandcamp or Soundcloud, who buy band T-shirts, who go to live concerts and spend the time talking to performers after the show. Thank you! You are the people who follow music, who share the love of music, and who show music-makers that they make a difference.


The second group are people who have been involved in some form in the making of this album and are checking to see if I remembered what they did and mentioned it here and if I spelt their name right. If you’re one of those people, thank you! You know I know how much work you did for this project. From the beginning of this adventure, I had support from the fine people at Belco Arts who helped with the Lucky Jim Livestream show. I also had great support and encouragement from the all the participating families from Scullin and surrounds. Especially all the kids who contributed their ideas and artwork for the album. Thanks to all my musical friends who contributed to the arrangements and recordings. You all did a stellar job and I wish I could work with you all more often because it is a real pleasure and privilege to be able to make and record music with you. To Ed, Gill and Fiona who brought the songs to life through art and design, I salute you and thank you with multitudes of emojis. And finally, I’d like to thank my family for providing me with material for my songs and for always being my foundation, my centre, and my reason for producing this kind of album.


There is actually a third group of people who will read this thank you section. When I say group, it’s really one person. This is the person who I rely on most for advice, support, strength and encouragement. Thank you, Annie!




Lucky Jim

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