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The Story of the Greek Detective

The Greek Detective always solves the case. Almost always. The only case he couldn’t solve was the case of his missing dog, Zeus.


The Greek Detective loved Zeus even though he dug up his tomato plants. One day Zeus mysteriously disappeared. The Greek Detective searched and searched, for years and years, but could not track him down.


Sometimes in the middle of an investigation the Greek Detective will hear or see something that reminds him of his long, lost dog. A bark in the distance, a chew toy, or a stain on a fire hydrant…  but, there’s no time for distraction because there’s always another case to solve.


Can you help The Greek Detective find his missing dog, Zeus?

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Hannah Sharrock, aged 14. Hannah is a grey toy poodle. She looks after Lucky Jim and his family. She enjoys going for long walks in the morning and sniffing lamp posts, bushes, fences, walls and other dogs. She is an independent poodle who is well known throughout her local neighbourhood. Hannah enjoys visiting other homes looking for company or treats. Now that she is an older dog, she spends much of her time dozing or pacing around the house trying to get comfortable. Hannah is the best dog in the whole world.

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Written by Lucky Jim.

Arranged by Lucky Jim and His Imaginary Friends

Lucky Jim – Electric guitar, mandolin

Imaginary Friends

Dan Kempers – Drums

Simon Milman – Upright Bass

Special guests

Gillian Cosgrove – Violin

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04 Greek Detective LR.jpg
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