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I wrote this song in Cairns, Far-North Queensland while I was on tour with the band, Doctor Stovepipe, in 2021.


I was missing my family who were suffering through another cold, wet, Canberra winter. I really wanted to share the warm weather and sunshine of Far-North tropical Queensland with them.


I decided to channel the strong feelings of loneliness into a song.


I had heard some lyrics on a Country Music Radio station a year before that mentioned pencil lines on a wall and I thought that I could use that idea in a new way.


Some families draw lines on a wall or a door frame showing the heights of children, friends, family pets or sometimes even toys. We have one in our home, and it even shows the height of a toy snake!


Sometimes, these pencil lines can show the height of a family member or friend who has left home or passed away. Then, the wall becomes more than a measurement of height and age, it becomes a place to remember people who are no longer around.

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Written by Lucky Jim. Arranged by Lucky Jim and His Imaginary Friends

Lucky Jim – Acoustic guitar, lead vocals

Imaginary Friends

Dan Kempers – Drums

Simon Milman – Electric Bass

Matthew Lustri – Electric guitar

Ben Foster – Keys


Special guest

Matthew Nightingale – Backing vocals


In the Kitchen by the door

Pencil lines, up on the wall

A date, a height, an age, a name,

Up and down the old wood frame

There’s an uncle – old and tall

A crayon mark when you were small

There’s a sister, there’s a son

Coloured lines they’ve all become


Take your shoes off, stand up tall

Keep your heels flat on the floor

We’ll put your name up on the wall

I walk by this wall of lines

I don’t stop – don’t have the time

But on the days when I’m feeling blue

I’ll think about a line or two

In your room, in a drawer

I find a pencil to mark the wall

I guess the height that you would be

I make a line so I can see



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