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Sandy Feet is a song that I first started writing at my favourite campsite – Bristol Point in Jervis Bay, NSW.


It’s a paradise and we will often camp there with a big group of friends for a week before Christmas.


In 2021 I took the lyrics that I had started at Bristol Point many years ago and turned them into a song. This one is dedicated to my mum, Sandy Sharrock, who lives close to Jervis Bay on the South Coast of NSW. My mum is very generous and she opens up her home to the extended family every Christmas.


After a week of swimming and sitting around the campfire singing songs we arrive at Mum’s house sunburnt, covered in sand and with a week’s worth of washing.


Mum’s house is a beautiful sanctuary with a fully stocked pantry and a large expanse of lush green lawn that she keeps well mown. I am very lucky to have such a great mum who makes sure that her family are cared for all year round.

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Written by Lucky Jim.

Arranged by Lucky Jim and His Imaginary Friends

Lucky Jim – Acoustic guitar, lead vocals

Imaginary Friends

Dan Kempers – Drums

Simon Milman – Upright Bass

Ben Foster – Keys

Special guest

Valdis Thomann - Trombone 



In the Aussie summer heat, it gets too hot for my feet

So I run along the sand until my feet and the water meet

And into the sea I go, where the water ebbs and flows

It picks me up and cools me down from my head down to my toes



Sandy Feet, Sandy Feet

Isn’t it a treat to have two Sandy Feet

Sandy Feet, Sandy Feet

Walking back from the beach, along the streets with Sandy Feet



I don’t use my shoes when I go cruisin’ on the beaches

So I leave my socks and sneakers back at home

but if I need to hop across some rocks I’ll stop and pop on a pair of crocs

because you know I like to roam




I try to get to sleep but I have sand between my sheets

Almost half the beach - I should have washed my feet

So, I try counting sheep, why don’t they call them sheeps?

Why are feet not foots?

And why don’t boots go on your feets







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